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About Our Rope


Double Braided Polyester (DBP) rope has a Polyester core and a Polyester cover. This rope is the best quality equestrian rope on the market and is also made in the USA. Due to its strength, low stretch, excellent sunlight resistance, and excellent abrasion resistance properties, polyester is a preferred fiber for most natural horse trainers and clinicians like Parelli and Anderson. This rope is washable and strong yet has a great feel in your hand. It's not too soft and not too stiff.

Other suppliers of halters and leads may list them as being made out of “poly” rope which means they are polypropylene. Polypropylene is less expensive and considerably lower quality. Do a search to compare them and you will see a huge difference. In the end you get what you pay for.


Estimated Tensile Strength:

   1/4” Rope = 2,031 lbs          1/2" Rope = 7,850 lbs       9/16” Rope = 9,500 lbs


Treeline is comprised of tightly plied polyester fibers over fibrillated polyolefin fibers. Adding the additional step of plying the fibers results in a tighter, rounder, more durable strand, and therefore a longer lasting rope. It is soft and flexible which translates into a rope with superior knotability, better handling and no "memory." The rope coils nicely and does not have kinks after it's untied. The entire rope is coated with a protective finish to enhance abrasion resistance. Because Treeline is not a double braided rope it is not spliceable.  The ends must be melted, sealed and coated for protection.